2019 OSLC Mission Trip

The OSLC youth and young adults traveled to Camp Linn Haven, North Carolina, July 21-27, on their 2019 summer mission trip, where they lent their support to the LCMS’ Bringing Hope to the High Country. Click the images below to see larger versions, and read the summary below the photos to learn more.

OLSC Youth Servant Event - Camp Linn Haven 

OLSC sent 13 participants (adults, young adults, students) to the LCMS Youth Servant Event July 21-27 at Camp Linn Haven in Linnville, NC.  Camp Linn Haven is a Christian summer camp that is affiliated with the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.  The Camp conducts several types of camps, including the Youth Servant Event we participated in.  The Servant Event places young people into service projects in the local community. This year’s projects included support to local Hospice operations, preparation of back-to-school backpacks for needy families, and maintenance projects for a local school and a non-  profit school and mission for children who are looking to be placed into foster care or adopted into permanent homes.

Each day started with a chapel time, followed by breakfast, and then departure to the project sites.  After returning to the camp and some free, the evening consisted of dinner, then informal worship, and two sessions for small group devotions.  The first session small groups consisted of camp participants from a mixture of the churches participating in the Event.  Each small group contained OSLC participants and those from other represented congregations.  The second devotion each evening was a congregation-specific time for sharing.  Our group consisted of all 13 OSLC participants.  

By the end of the week, it would be an understatement to say that each of us witnessed God’s Kingdom coming and His Will being worked in His people.  It was a joy to be able to participate in the Event.  The pictures put together by out participants [special thanks to Gabriella and Hannah] capture some of those moments.  There were plenty of those moments.  The comments I have heard during the Event and upon arriving back to OSLC suggest that we need to execute another event next year.  I heard several participants affirm a desire to do a “repeat” next year.  We will need to address what that looks like in the month of September.

As someone who has participated in similar events, I would offer up that our participants’ personal conduct, attentiveness and focus, commitment to the mission and ministry opportunities, and their willingness to support each other and share in the ministry opportunities presented was fantastic.   For those of you who are their parents or have had the pleasure of working with these students and young adults, you can rejoice that God is working in our youth.  He is working to bring all of us [adults, young adults, students] into a closer walk with Him.  Let’s keep praying that He will continue His work in our youth.